Death’s Dream Kingdom

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It has been a good week for me.  Death’s Dream Kingdom will be my first fiction novel.  It will be released with the small, new independent press Champagne Press.  I’m excited to be part of the Champagne Press group because they have so much enthusiasm.  I’ll also be working with Lachesis Press this year.  Although they have one many awards and have many award winning books, their authors don’t seem as excited to be part of the writing world.   Both presses are good but I love enthusiasm.  Anyhow,  I got my cover art for Death’s Dream Kingdom this week.  I really love it!  Death’s Dream Kingdom will be out in May.

Haunted North Alabama

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I love writing and have a blog and another website.  Although I love my blog and my website, I try to stay very on topic at my blog and I have no idea how to update my website on a regular basis.  I’m a technical idiot.  I’m hoping to use this blog as a less theme oriented blog and just as a way to post what is new with me.  I’m going to post about my books and the publishing process and all the little things that get forgotten everywhere else.   I would like to start with my first book which came out last October.  I have included the cover art for the book above.  I’m also working on Haunted Chatanooga for History Press and my book Death’s Dream Kingdom will be coming out in May.  I’m excited about all my new journies and hope this post will serve as a starting place for many posts to come.

Hello world!

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